Brianna Collichio is an 11 year old girl from a town just outside of Rochester,N.Y.
She has been singing, and inspiring crowds publicly, since age 6. Part of the inspiration is derived from the fact that she was born with a disease that affects many areas of the body,but especially the lungs- Cystic Fibrosis. What goes along with the inspiration of her singing through this disease, is the fact that she has a strong, mature voice and her courage is nothing short of miraculous. She has sung before 10's of thousands of people,FEARLESSLY,with very little coughing or none at all.
   Her family believes that she has a God given gift and that prayer has sustained Brianna down her very difficult journey, and throughout all of her performances.He has a special plan for her life with her voice, and that plan is being executed.
    By the tender age of 9, she already had recorded her first single "On My Hands."with special guest vocalist Jennifer Smestad (Miss Arizona, 2013).By age 10 a second original was completed "Glow in the Dark"and just finished her third song "Never Walk Alone."She is being produced by singers /songwriters, Elvio Fernandes from the Daughtry band,and Johnny Cummings.Both are Rochester natives.Also at age 10,she was featured in a short documentary film about the lifestyle of 3 people with C.F. called "Three Lives." produced by UCO Media, a Rochester based film company.
    Brianna has sung nationwide,including opening regular season NfL football games by age 10 with her stunning rendition of the National Anthem.She was named the Starbright jr.Ambassador at age 8(rescues sex trafficked/ abused kids).She was the recipient of the "Throga" award (for singing through adversity), given by her vocal coach Richard Fink IV.In 2014 she received the Michael Brennan "Spirit Award" &  in 2015 the "Michael Brennan Courage Award"(shinning example of what it means to live, breathe and succeed with cystic fibrosis), both presented by Bommer Season(ex-quarterback of the NFL,founder of BEF foundation).
   Brianna is an inspirational,talented singer with a faith and heart to encourage and inspire those who hear her.We hope that her voice moves past your ears as her life touches your heart.