Brianna Collichio is a singer song-writter in Rochester, New York.

       Brianna Collichio is a thirteen year old professional singer from Spencerport, N.Y; she has been performing publicly since age six .She had vocal abilities and a presence on stage that was unprecedented to most children her age. She started singing the National Anthem locally that began swinging doors open for her to sing nationally. What makes her singing so special is that she was diagnosed at birth with a disease that affects mainly the lungs, called cystic fibrosis. But it has never stopped her. At age 7 she started writing her first song. She began working with "Throga" vocal coach, Richard Fink IV as he recognized her serious talent. He teamed up with singer/songwriter Johnny Cummings, and together with Brianna,co-wrote and produced Brianna's first original song "On My hands."  The song exposes the struggle of the disease, but declares that she will be  "unstoppable," by faith even if she has to walk "on her hands." It was released at age nine just after she was named "The Starbright Foundation" jr.ambassador, a foundation that helps rescue trafficked, and abused children. Brianna's heart has always been, and continues to be, to use her "voice" wherever she goes to encourage,inspire, while being a living  testimony of her faith.



Just as the song was released,Brianna was recognized for her courage by Boomer Esiason in 2015. He is a former quaterback of the NFL, and founder of the Boomer Esiason Foundation.It aids those struggling with cystic fibrosis.She was presented with the award at The Waldorf Astoria in N.Y.C, at his annual fundraiser for her courage. " This was the first time she sang "On My Hands" publicly, and she opened the event with the National Anthem.

       That event led to a singing invitation "snowball" effect. She was invited to sing the National Anthem at an NFL football game, at age 10. The crowd exploded with cheers and she was invited back immediately to sing for a regular season game that year! For a third time she returned to sing for the jets at age 11. A local paper heard about her singing for the game,and printed her  story.USA Today, and several other notable news media outlets shared the article.More and more opportunities continued to open up and Brianna began traveling and singing nationally.

       Brianna's life was also featured in a short documentary called "Three Lives",  a film about three different lives living with C.F.. The music for the film was written by Elvio Fernandes,a local musician, songwriter, producer, and band member of the Daughtry band. He also made an appearance in the studio with Brianna for the film. Brianna continued working with Johnny Cummings, but now Elvio joining them, They co- wrote and produced her next two original songs "Glow in the Dark" (2016) and "Never Walk Alone" (2017). She was 10 years old when they started recording  "Glow in the Dark." and released after her 11th birthday that year.It is an upbeat, pop song, geared toward her generation, with an inspiring message about enduring through difficulty when life seems "dark." It also addresses some of today's cultural concerns like bullying, as it encourages it's listeners to "overcome hate." To spread the message beyond musical outlets, and to present Brianna as the artist she was becoming, a professional music video was filmed and produced for the song in 2017. Also in 2017, at age 11, "Never Walk Alone" was recorded and released on her 12th birthday.Closing out a very busy and productive year, Brianna covered the holiday song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," with her brother, Georgie, joining her on the song as a duet.

          In 2018, at age 13, Brianna released her first solely written song "Never let Me Down." She wrote it when she became very ill from a virus that C.F. caused it to turn it into a full blown lung infection causing days of non-stop coughing. With divine inspiration, in spite of how sick and scared she was, she penned her own song.It is different from all the other songs, this time it was personal.She needed to encourage herself. "Never let me Down" is an upbeat song in which the lyrics pour out the pain and darkness of the disease ,yet speaks of the hope in the God she believes will never let her down. The lyrics "When the waves come crashing in, in your love I can BREATHE again" opens the song, and continues with a theme of being rescued by an unseen love that sustains her through it all. The song will leave you just like Brianna was when she wrote it, "breathless."

            Brianna's voice and story continue to bring hope, and inspiration, worldwide through the web, and nationally through performances. She is a strong , brave, seriously talented singer/songwriter that enjoys every aspect of being an artist. We believe Brianna's voice won't just be heard with your ears, but will touch your life and your heart.